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Greece and the Cancellation of Debt:

It's the natural condition of people and countries to gradually fall into debt to wealthier people or countries, and it's a normal, usual part of the cycle to cancel that debt and hit the reset button. This famously happened in ancient Greece under Solon and Pisistratus, but it also happens in all other countries. The earliest word for "freedom", from ancient Mesopotamia, means "going home", because debt relief meant that children could leave debt-slavery and go home to their families. The Code of Hammurabi allows for debt-relief for farmers if there's a flood or other natural disaster. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, in ancient Rome, were killed by rich men because they were trying to cancel some poor people's debts and redistribute land. More recently, the Russian Revolution also cancelled debts and redistributed land. Cancelling debts, redistributing wealth - these are not unusual events, and they're necessary for countries and economies to run well.

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