How to cite this page in your paper

How to cite this page

Follow your teacher's directions if s/he has given them. Otherwise, a standard format looks like this:

Carr, Karen E., "Athens", Kidipede, March 10, 2015. Web. March 11, 2015.

In place of "Athens", put the title of the page you are citing. In place of March 10, 2015, put the date at the bottom of the page you are citing. In place of March 11, 2015, put today's date.

This site is an appropriate source for elementary and middle school papers, and it may be okay for high school papers, but - be warned - it is not an academic, peer-reviewed source, so it is NOT suitable to cite in college-level papers. If you are in college and need a source for this information, make use of the suggested bibliography to find the same information in an academic source.

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