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Copyright Kidipede 2002-2011

Kidipede - History and Science for Kids is copyright to Kidipede, 2002-2011. All rights reserved.

If you just want to use something from the site in a paper you are writing for school, or a presentation you are doing for school, that will not be seen outside your school, that's fine - you don't need to write for permission.

If you want to use our material for something you are giving away free, please go ahead and ask! We usually agree, but some of our images are copyright to somebody else, and we need to respect their rights too. Some of the images on the site are covered by Creative Commons licenses; these are marked, and you should feel free to go ahead and use them, but with the Creative Commons license preserved.

Generally if you're going to charge money for access to our stuff, we do charge nominal fees. For instance, if you're going to sell a book with our picture in it, or sell a software program with our articles in it, please write with details to arrange an appropriate fee.

For the most part, our images are not suitable for print reproduction, because we have them only at very low resolutions. We recommend using a professional image bank instead.

To consult us on copyright issues, please write to [email protected]

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