Chinese Kite project for kids

Chinese Kite Project

Chinese Kite
Chinese kite-flying

The earliest kites were probably invented in China about 800 BC, during the Chou Dynasty. People made these early kites out of bamboo and silk. Chinese people flew kites for fun, and also used kites in war to carry messages, to signal people far away, and to carry explosives into besieged cities.

When Ts'ai Lun invented paper during the Han Dynasty, about 100 AD, people began to make kites out of paper instead of silk. Paper kites were lighter and easier to fly. By the time of the T'ang Dynasty (about 650 AD) most kites were made out of paper.

To make your own Chinese kite using white garbage bags, here are some good directions on EHow.

Other activities:

    * Paper-making
    * Making a compass
    * Making a Chinese dragon

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