India Projects for Kids

Ancient India Projects

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If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient India, here's some ideas other people have found useful:

For clothes, a long t-shirt over loose pants like sweatpants is good for boys, or wrapping a long piece of cloth around their waist and knotting it to form a dhoti. Girls will want to try on a sari; you'll find instructions for making a sari here.

For activities, try acting out the Ramayana, or playing chess or parcheesi, or Chutes and Ladders.

For food, an easy solution is to get take-out food from an Indian restaurant. Or, get mangoes and try tastes of sliced mango. If you want to make your own Indian food, here's a recipe for vegan potato samosas that you can easily eat without silverware, and without reheating. Or try this lentil stew with yogurt. Making yogurt is a good project for an India week - it's very common to make your own yogurt at home in India.

Indian clothes
Indian food


* The Ramayana (putting on a play)
*Cotton, silk, wool, and hemp

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