Middle Ages Projects for Kids - tournaments, icons, chain mail, herbs, and castles

Middle Ages Projects

tower of london
The Tower of London

If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on the Middle Ages, here's some ideas other people have found useful:

Costumes: For girls, a long loose colored dress (to her ankles), with another long dress or robe over it, belted at the waist. She might carry a small bag, keys, and a knife hanging from her belt. She could wear leather boots, or sandals. For boys, a big colored T-shirt (it should reach to his knees), belted at the waist, with colored tights under it, and leather shoes or boots (not sneakers). Both boys and girls might wear a wool cloak with a hood, if it was cold.
Breugel wedding

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Food:   In the Middle Ages, a feast generally meant roasted meat – you might settle for roasted chicken, unless you are prepared to roast a pig. With it, you could have barley bread, or a round French country bread, and grilled or stewed vegetables – leeks, onions, parsnips, and turnips especially. Turnips sliced thin and fried like potato chips might go over better, or roasted like baked potatoes. Lentil soup was also still common. For lunch, people often had thick slices of bread soaked in olive oil, toasted with garlic or onions and salt. For dessert, apples (fresh or dried) or pears, or cherries if they were in season, and maybe a slice of Swiss cheese or nuts.

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* Making icons
* Building a castle
* Tournaments
* Making chain mail bracelets
* Growing herbs

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