Scallops and Romesco Sauce

Scallops and Romesco Sauce

Romesco sauce


Forty years ago, some people around here started a monthly wine-tasting party, rotating among their houses, and followed by a pot-luck dinner. These days, their children host the wine-tastings, still held once a month, and still rotating among six or seven different houses. I'm not a member of the main crew, but once when I went to one of these wine-tastings I brought this recipe as my contribution: scallops and romesco sauce and corn dodgers.

How to make Scallops and Romesco Sauce:

Start with the romesco sauce.

Now make the corn dodgers. Preheat the oven to

How long will all this keep?

You can't keep scallops or corn dodgers really at all. But make lots of extra romesco sauce and freeze it in small tupperwares, and you'll be glad of it in February and March.