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In summer, there are so many different yummy foods to eat that there's hardly time to try them all before it's fall again. Summer begins with the berries: try making raspberry granita or pancakes with strawberries on top. Also in June, fresh basil arrives and you can have chopped basil on your strawberries, and pesto noodles. The salmon are running: make gravlax and have it on freshly baked bagels.

By July, it's time for apricots and peaches and blackberries: my kids can't wait for peach cobbler and especially blackberry cobbler. Use fresh avocados to make guacamole, or make ceviche to eat on crackers, or make tortillas and have nachos. Green beans make a great Greek green bean stew, and now you can finally have it with tomato salad!

By August, the zucchini and summer squashes are ripe too, and you can make stuffed tomatoes and stuffed zucchini. Add eggplant and make ratatouille, or make baba ganoush.

But don't forget - in the middle of summer is the time to start putting food away for the winter. You'll be glad to have terrific strawberry jam, frozen strawberries and raspberries and huckleberries, and jars and jars of pesto when there's snow on the ground. So sacrifice a few hours of your summer weekends to making next winter happier.