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Chinese Animals


Long ago, in the Stone Age, about 3000 BC, many different kinds of wild animals lived in China. But as there got to be more and more people and farms, there was less room

Panda bears live mostly in the mountains of south-western China.

Some of it is grassland where you can graze cattle (mostly yaks) but you can't farm.

Northeastern China has lots of forests and in the forests there are deer and even reindeer, and tigers.

There are elephants, wild chickens, leopards, and all sorts of other jungle animals.

To find out more about the Chinese environment, check out these books from or from your library:

Eyewitness: Ancient China, by Arthur Cotterell, Alan Hills, and Geoff Brightling (2000). For kids.

The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China, by Mark Elvin (2004). An account of how people from the Stone Age on gradually changed the environment of China (and endangered the elephants that used to live there).

Sediments of Time : Environment and Society in Chinese History, by Mark Elvin and Ts'ui-jung Liu (1998). A collection of essays by specialists.

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