People of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian People

Egyptian farmers

Egyptian people lived halfway between places where people have lighter skin, like Germany, and places where people have darker skin, like East Africa. So Egyptians were not either white or black, but somewhere in between.

Egyptian people were related to other Africans, but their language was related to the Semitic languages Hebrew and Arabic.

West Asians
people from West Asia

The Egyptians thought of themselves as the perfect people: not all white like these slaves from West Asia (modern Israel or Lebanon), and not all black like this visiting queen from Punt (modern Ethiopia).

Queen of Punt

Most Egyptian kids lived with their fathers and mothers in a family. Usually they had a lot of sisters and brothers. They lived in small apartments with courtyards, often having just one room for their whole family. Very few Egyptian children went to school. Mostly kids worked in the fields farming alongside their mothers and fathers. Many Egyptian children were slaves, but their lives as slaves were probably not that different from the lives of free children.

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