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German art

thick gold neckring
This is a gold necklace that
some Gaulish people wore before the
Romans conquered them.
This kind of necklace
is called a torque (you pronounce it TORK).

The Germans and Goths did not build big temples in stone like the Greeks and Romans did. That was because there was plenty of wood where they lived. So they built wooden buildings, as people did in ancient China too. But these wooden buildings didn't last very well, so we don't have them today.

german gold bracelets
These are some gold bracelets
from the Bronze Age in France (Gaul).

But ancient German people did carve stone statues of their gods, and they made beautiful jewelry. A lot of medieval art comes from mixing German and Roman art styles.

gaulish pot
This is a pot from Gaul
before the Romans conquered it.

Ancient Germany
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