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Giotto St. Francis
St. Francis giving away his cloak,
from Assisi, Italy, by Giotto

Giotto was an Italian painter, who was a student of Cimabue, around 1300 AD. Giotto was originally from Florence, born about 1265 AD.

Giotto (jee-OTT-oh) worked mainly in fresco painting. He is known for beginning to put in natural landscape backgrounds to his painting, as opposed to the plain gold backgrounds favored by the older Cimabue.

St. Francis receiving the stigmata

One of Giotto's great achievements was that he painted the inside of the Franciscan church at Assisi, near Florence, with a series of huge frescoes showing the life of Francis of Assisi, who had started the Franciscan movement.

Giotto died in Florence in 1337 AD.

(about 1300 AD in Pisa) (Louvre Museum, Paris)

Here's a video of some more of Giotto's paintings, with music by Benedictine monks (followers of Benedict).

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