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Ancient People and Medieval People - families, marriage, slaves, schools, racism, children, grandparents
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Ancient and Medieval People

medieval people

The relationships among people are very important to understanding different cultures. One of the most important relationships in any time period is the family. What did people think of as a family? Who did they live with? Did they know their cousins and grandparents? Did people get married back then? Did they get divorced? Who took care of the children?

Another important relationship is the one between master and slave. All over the ancient and medieval world there were slaves. How did people become slaves? How did people feel about being slaves? Could they ever get free? How did people feel about owning slaves?

Another issue is the relationship between races: how did ancient people feel about differences in skin color and other things about how people looked?

Then there is the relationship between teacher and student. Did children go to school? Did they like their teachers? What did they learn in school? How old were they when they stopped going to school?

Finally, the relationship between friends is also very important. How did people make friends? What did they do with theirfriends? Did people have boyfriends and girlfriends?

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