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Kidipede Special Offers for You!

Hi! We've got lots of special offers for you today!

Freebies for school fundraisers:

Are you having a school auction or sale? We'll donate free subscriptions to Kidipede - just ask! Up to five free subscriptions per school each year - a $75 value! (We do need at least two weeks advance notice to mail you the certificates, and please include your school's tax-exempt number in your message.)

Special sales on books and supplies on Amazon:

(and a small part of anything you spend goes to help support Kidipede!)

Subscribe to Kidipede for only $15/year!

And our last special offer for you - Subscribe to Kidipede and see the site with no ads!

Your password will be good for a year, and then you'll automatically be unsubscribed. In less than a minute, you can be browsing the subscription version of Kidipede - History and Science for Kids.

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