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Kidipede - History for Kids home page

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Teachers' guides for what to do in class (religion, philosophy,

Scavenger hunt through the site for certain information (lists of things to search for here)

Have the students put together questions for their peers to answer.

Create a History Museum with each kid making an artifact; invite their parents for museum night.

Put together a class newspaper about China (for instance), with creative sports pages, food pages, political news and religious news.

Put together what was happening all over Europe, Asia and Africa in a particular time period (use the maps section).

Have students take different sides of a war (the Crusades, the Punic Wars, the American Revolutionary War, the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian War, the Hundred Years' War) and hold peace talks to try to settle their differences.

Use the information to create (for instance) a Stone Age village, either on paper or in a corner of the classroom.

Do hands-on craft projects like spinning or and weaving a piece of cloth.

Show a video of the Pyramids, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Colosseum or the Parthenon.

I'd be happy to hear your suggestions too! Please write and tell me how you have used this site.

Historical reproductions to use in class
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