Teacher's Guide for Ancient Egypt

Egypt Teachers' Guide

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Most kids find Ancient Egypt fascinating already, but it can be hard to get beyond the Pyramids and Moses to really dig down into the culture. Some topics for discussion might include

- what have we learned from Egypt that we still use today (building with cut stone, columns, pottery, linen weaving)? What did the Egyptians do differently from us (hieroglyphs, papyrus, polytheism, slavery )?

- what would it be like to live in a country where the Pharaoh owned everything, and everyone served him or her?

- how did the environment of Egypt influence the way Egypt's culture developed? Consider the role of the Nile river, the contrast between farmland and desert, the availability of building stone and timber.

- why have people (including this site) traditionally studied Egypt separately from the rest of Africa? Isn't Egypt part of Africa? What WAS the relationship between Egypt and the rest of Africa?

Here's a suggestion from a teacher at Ware Shoals High School, in Ware Shoals, South Carolina (USA):

"I had my students research the Dynasty and then present a poster board to the class with their info.on it.  I also had the students to dress like the people in that dynasty did!"

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