History Museum Night for kids

History Museum Night

History Museum Night
History Museum Night at
Laurelhurst School, Portland Oregon

Organize a history museum night in your classrooms or in the gym. Have each child make some object to go in the museum (click here for a list of suggested objects, with pictures).

Working in groups, have them make informational maps, charts, and pictures, and write essays about the culture they are working on. Some kids can work on Ancient China while others work on Ancient Greece or Ancient India. They can make Powerpoint presentations as well.

On the big day, assemble all the essays and pictures on big display boards, with the objects and the laptops in front of the display boards. Ask the kids to come to school in appropriate costumes and bring food that people would have eaten in the culture they have been working on. In the evening, invite their parents and the community to come learn about the past, and the children can act as tour guides.

For more information and suggestions, check out the International Storyline Conference, being held this year in Portland Oregon.

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