Scavenger Hunts for Kids

History Scavenger hunts

1. Find objects around your school, house, or neighborhood which people already had in the Stone Age.

2. Find objects which people did not have in Roman times.

3. Find objects which came from someplace else, and objects which come from your hometown, and objects which were made at home.

4. Find things made of different kinds of metal, or wood, or cloth.

5. (on a walking tour) Find elements of Greek or Roman or Egyptian or medieval architecture in the buildings you see as you walk. Take photographs and make a collage.

6.Find things having to do with hunting and gathering in your house.

7. Find elements of Greek, Roman, Egyptian or medieval art in the newspaper (get a big Sunday paper, or several Sunday papers). Do a collage.

8. Find people who come from the different places mentioned on this site (Europe, China, India, Africa, West Asia). Ask them what they know about antiquity, and how they feel about it.

9. Find references to Greek or Roman literature in Shakespeare plays or modern literature, or in the newspaper.

10. Find pieces of cloth made of wool, linen, cotton, and silk. Look at different weaves and knits.

I'd be happy to hear your suggestions too! Please write and tell me about your scavenger hunt.

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