Architecture Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Architecture Scavenger Hunt

Find elements of Greek or Roman or Egyptian or medieval architecture in the buildings you see as you walk. Take photographs and make a collage.

Some suggestions:
parthenon Banks and post offices often have columns in front. Schools often do too, and fancy houses or apartment buildings.
Notre Dame Many churches are built in a Gothic or Romanesque style.
Sainte Chapelle Go inside and check out the stained glass windows if you can.
Arch of Constantine
Sometimes parks or the entrances to neighborhoods will have triumphal arches.
Your local stadium may be modelled on the Colosseum.

Discuss how front porches are like the Greek stoas.
Cobblestones Look for cobblestone streets in historic areas.

I'd be happy to hear your suggestions too! Please write and tell me about your scavenger hunt.

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