Home and Trade Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Trade Scavenger Hunt

Find objects which came from someplace else, and objects which come from your hometown, and objects which were made at home.

Some suggestions:

Someplace else Your hometown Made at home
bananas local foods flower garden
toys made in China wood homemade quilt
wine or whiskey local company goods decorations
imported cheese local craft goods workbench

The point is to become more aware of the origins of the things we use, and to realize that in the ancient world as well people made some of the things they used, and bought other things locally, and had some things which came from far away. Which things did the ancient Greeks, Romans, or Chinese make locally? What did they make at home? What came from far away? Use Kidipede to find out.

I'd be happy to hear your suggestions too! Please write and tell me about your scavenger hunt.

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