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Fan mail from students, parents, and teachers (all since August 2002):

I thought that your site was great for information on philosophers.

i had an assignment and with the help of your site i finished it.
my assignment was on Plato the Philosopher.
Thanks again


i wanted to let you know that your site is fabulous and it is the stuff the web should be made of. i'm starting my masters in the humanities knowing very little about all of this ( a secret between you and me) and this site is perfect. ... really it's perfect and the honestly about tracking one's info. is refreshing.


In our class we are studying Islam and we got given a question to reaserch. Mine was "Why does Islam always fight". We are studying Islam today. I found your website very helpful aswell as Islam but also othe Anciet Egypt but would like to know if you know anything about my question or anything else to do with that subject.
If not can you plese reply and if you do than thank you very much!. My parents also enjoyed your website and thounght it was a very easy for children to understand and has recommended it to the other parents
Plese would you reply as quickly as possible!
Thank you very much

(and the follow-up)

Thank you very much! Your email was very helpful and I will be sharing it with my class today. ! agree with you once I had read it. Islam is not always fighting but iut just seems so from today.
I thank you very much for your time.
A 5th grade Student

I like your web site! This is my first year teaching World Studies to 7th graders so I am doing a LOT of online research. You present potentially confusing information in a clear and understandable manner. Thank you...
I will be back to get even more easily digested information!
Gainesville GA

Hi! I just found your site. It's wonderful! I plan to share it with some friends who home school their kids. I'm sure I will refer to your site often. I like history and have been trying for a long time to fill in a time line. It is so exciting when I start seeing it come together. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into your site.

Dear mad/sir
I am writing to inform you that, i needed some information about ACIEN GREEKS and i found your site very useful...
Thanks alot for your cooapration
P.s i'll be looking forward to hear from you.
Your failthfuly

To History for kids
We realy realy realy like your site. We think it is a brill site for kids to do history on.

Hi my name is sam, I am emailing you on behalf of your website because I think it is brilliant for kids to learn. I cane say this because I learnt a lot from it. SEE YOU SOON

I just wanted to let you know that I find your site fantastic. I found it very useful as I am planning my Greece/Egypt unit. I will be teaching Grade 6 this spring and those are the countries we'll be studying.... Thanks for your work!

I have just discovered your site. Many of the pages look great. I hope to use some of the information in my classroom... I will visit again soon.
Montessori Elementary Teacher

I really appreciate your site for its tone, which the kids find far more accesible than other sites which cover similar material. Thanks very much for your unique approach! - Middle School teacher

We at HistoryforKids want to thank all of you who wrote! It means a lot to us to know that the site has been useful to you.

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